Structural Biologist (cryo-EM), Biophysicist, Biochemist

My interests are in the fundamental understanding of protein macromolecular complexes and the development of methods for doing this. I have framed this in the context of membrane interacting and remodelling proteins in cellular trafficking. Recently I have become interested in nucleotide-protein interactions and cellular structural biology, and now pursue avenues to unite all of my interests. 

As well as my own interests, I like to work collaboratively. As such, I have worked on structural projects concerning metabolite and nitric oxide sensing, protein phosphorylation, transmembrane neuronal gap junctions, gene editing and genomic maintenance. 

Complexes previously inaccessible to study by X-ray crystallography and too large for NMR may now have their structures determined by cryo-EM. I am excited to be part of the advancement in our understanding of such systems and day-to-day immersing in big computation, enabling efficient data collection, structural biology and biochemistry.

I currently work as a Senior Investigator Scientist at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS).